Our Stories

Our Stories

2000 years ago God put on human skin and moved into the neighborhood. We were not there, but we heard about it.

When God saw the brokenness of our world and the hopelessness of earth’s people, His love demanded that something be done.

So God offered himself, Jesus, to help. He offered his advice. He offered his power. He offered his life.

He took our case. Pro bono.

This web log is an opportunity to share how Jesus’ pro bono work frees us and our world from all that fetters it. These are our stories, thoughts, and experiences of trying to live into that freedom and to serve others for free too.

+Dan and John Teefey

Our stories:  Same parents (the Ginge and Ed).  Same high school (Brown County (IL) Hornets).  Same college (U of Illinois).  Same grad. degree (J.D.).  Same wife (just kidding).  Same attorney (Jesus).

Disclaimer:  These are our personal reflections.  We are often wrong and reserve the right to change our opinions as God changes us.  Our words, thoughts, pictures, stick-figure drawings, exegesis, jokes and ideas on ProBonoJesus.com are our own and not necessarily those of the churches we serve, the people we work with, or anyone else that might have been seen with us over the years.

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