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5 Keys to a Successful Humble-Brag on Social Media

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We’ve all seen them before.  The well-crafted Facebook post or the well thought out Instagram picture showcasing a great achievement, while still maintaining an envious amount of humility. You know, the kind of humility that you can be proud of.  It’s an art, and we Christians are especially adept at it.  We know that as Christians, we are called to live in humility; to not let our left hand know what our right hand is doing; to not practice our righteousness to be seen by others; and so on and…read more

The Power of a Moment

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A few nights ago I was in our girls’ upstairs bedroom helping them to get ready for bed. As they were putting their pajamas on, they spontaneously began to act out a wonderfully hilarious version of MasterChef Jr. It was amazing! They even interrupted their dialogue with a commercial break at the peak of anticipation. “And the winner is . . .” (cue fiery logo invading the screen) It was pure joy to watch their wit and laughter. But then came a familiar and gentle whisper from a sly robber….read more


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2000 years ago God put on human skin and moved into the neighborhood. We were not there, but we heard about it. When God saw the brokenness of our world and the hopelessness of earth’s people, His love demanded that something be done. So God offered himself, Jesus, to help. He offered his advice. He offered his power. He offered his life. He took our case. Pro bono. This web log is an opportunity to share how Jesus’ pro bono work frees us and our world from all that fetters it. These…read more